cc-echo-channelThese are some of my published articles:

Let God direct your course
Everything in my new job was going wrong. An employee in a start-up company, I felt ill-suited to the work, intimidated by a highly assertive boss, and challenged by difficult coworkers. read more

Your true self is never lost
“Be yourself,” my mom would say to me when I was growing up. But I wondered, What did it mean to “be yourself”? I wasn’t sure who “myself” really was! read more

Healing of a grudge – possible through prayer 
Forgiveness was the last thing on my mind. I’d been nurturing a grudge for years…. read more

Homeward unbound
It’s dark when I arrive at the pension where I’ll stay while I find a place to live. read more

When it hurts to hug
“Be sure to hug the children goodnight!” read more

My role in the future of Iraq
Columnist David Brooks recently wrote a piece in The New York Times…. read more

A divine moment at the DMV
Mention the Department of Motor Vehicles in my home state, and most people groan. read more

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