Another visit to the stationery store

Yesterday, my dog, Jubi, and I returned to the stationery store that I wrote about in my last post, “Reflections on the meaning of ‘spiritual.’” During our earlier visit, Jubi had won over the heart of a young clerk who out of fear had never pet a dog in her life.

This time, when she saw the little fluff ball, she immediately bent down, cupped Jubi’s face lovingly in her hands and caressed her all over. “Oh,” she eagerly exclaimed, “over the weekend, and everyday since I met you, I’ve pet so many dogs…and cats! Because of Jubi, I’ve completely overcome my fear of animals!”

Leaving the store, I felt gratitude for what, to me, was the presence of spirituality transforming fear into joy and love.

8 thoughts on “Another visit to the stationery store

  1. Aren’t dogs the best? I really believe that they can calm fears, bring happiness and release sadness just by being there and wanting to be your “friend.” I love this story and I’m so glad your pup was the vehicle used to release this fear she had.

  2. I need to meet Jubi, I’m afraid of animals, especially dogs.
    I tried to pet a dog once, and had to take several injections, because the dog bit me.
    I’ve been scared ever since…
    although, I would love not to be.

    • Gayatri,
      I can relate! It’s good to use discernment with any animal. I watch to see if a dog is friendly. Some aren’t, mainly because of fear I think. I may try to assuage their fear by holding out my hand for them to sniff. Sometimes they warm up to me, other times not. And sometimes it’s wise to avoid them altogether. The other day, Jubi was attacked by a dog (an extremely rare occurrence). Thankfully, she was more dazed than hurt. She was a little subdued that night, but the next day she pranced right up to a dog she’d never met. I was amazed and inspired at her resilience. Hope you find a canine friend!

  3. As an animal lover I really enjoyed this story. Having had both dogs and cats since I was born (my parents allowed the cat to ride in my stroller) I have always felt their warmth and love in good times and bad. Yes, they are a responsibility that many do not want to take on but the benefits are truly amazing. Great story and so glad that your pup was able to help this person overcome her fear.

  4. My wife and son both want a dog, I do too however since I work from home I know that I would be the main “parent” of the dog. I had never owned a dog of my own however, I had lived with a host family in Mexico that had a boxer named “Bow” as in Bow-wow. The dog was very large and muscular I felt very comfortable with the dog, but strangers would walk to the other side of the street due to his size. I think that Jubi would be much more approachable.

    In our neighborhood, everybody has a cookie-cutter home with a garage. The only interaction that people have with folks in the community are those with dogs taking them for walks. I can totally see how easy it is to strike up conversations about spirituality or any topic for that matter with a cute fluffy dog.

  5. Jubi is a dog I would like. Dogs need to be open to friendship for me to be comfortable. Suspicious eyes, bared teeth aren’t for me. Dogs that are too lovey-dovey can be as aggressive to strangers as ill-tempered dogs. Obviously, I am not a dog owner. I am not fearful of dogs but am leery of those who lack manners. Jubi looks to have not only good manners but an irresistible persona.

  6. I think about a pet for when I’m too old to travel. We loved our dog but couldn’t handle him–that was thirty years ago. We loved our handicapped cat, but he never came home one night. I’m told outdoor cats have a life expectancy of six months around here–too many wild animals around–I guess it’s eat or be eaten with them. The times our dog went to the kennel he came home sick for weeks, so it seems bad to send them there. I think there will come a time for a dog, however.

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